Under Construction

I am still working on getting photos of the large and fragile items. 

Stay tuned!

Wine Bottles Filled w/ Corks and Dark Purple Petals
$1 each or $10/case (12)

These took me FOREVER to make...  I carefully cleaned each bottle then scored and cut it.  The scoring/cutting took me a while to master and I pretty much messed up one for each one I got right. 
I then filled each bottle with wine corks and dark purple (hand dyed, by me) rose petals.
Finally, I glued the bottles back together, using a special glue that bonds well to glass and I covered the glued part with a dark purple ribbon.
I placed a monogram sticker over the part of the ribbon that overlaps, but this can easily be replaced with your own.  I would be happy to remove my monograms prior to purchase.
It was a very frustrating task and a true labor of love, but they looked fabulous at my reception and I got a million "How the heck did you do that" questions throughout the night.  My guests were very impressed.

Close up

Close up of the corks in the bottle.
I will try to find some more pics of how these were incorporated into our decor.  We basically had a few of these bottles scattered on each table along with wine corks and candles.  It looked wonderful!!!

Large Bag of "Glenora" corks
$20 for all

I have about a Wal-mart size shopping bag full of corks.  They are unused.  I purchased a large bag from Glenora for $40 and this is about 2/3 of what I started with. 
I used these for escort card holders and table decor.

I also have a large bag of various corks (used) that I will sell for $10.

Heart Shaped Glass Dish (4)
$2 each or all 4 for $6

I used these on our cocktail tables, filled with water and a floating heart shaped candle.  Super simple and cute.
Nice, thick glass

Brochures for Finger Lakes and Niagra Falls area

I have about 50-100 left of each
Niagara Falls USA
Waterloo Premium Outlets (VIP Coupon voucher and map_
Corning Museum of Glass
Seneca Lake Wine Trail
Glenora Wine Cellars
I put these in out Welcome bags and our guests were very happy to have so much information/suggestions for things to do.
I got these for free from the different locations and you could easily have them mailed to you, too... I just hate to waste so much paper and would love to give them to someone who can make use of them.

This would be perfect for a Finger Lakes bride (Glenora, even better!!)